Friday, March 30, 2007

This week

I've been mostly surfing for patterns. And eating meds. It's the pollen season and I'm tired and sneezing and crying and blowing my nose. The medication helps a bit; I'm just tired if I take it.

Next week I shall spend my time in Germany drinking Sekt (sparkling wine). Does anyone know any good yarn shops in Bonn? I found couple via the local yellow pages, I will report those here if I get a chance to visit them. I've understood that sock yarns (wool blends) are supposed to be cheaper there than in Finland. And the selection is of course wider.

Later this spring I'll also visit Anchorage, Alaska. One would think there would be nice shops there, since it's supposed to be really cold in Alaska. Maybe I'll find nice knitting needles and perhaps some books there.

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