Thursday, April 19, 2007


Our research and development department has been a busy little beaver. The upper picture shows the first step of making wooden knitting needles. If you have enough band-aid you won't even cut yourself. On the other picture there are several sets of needles that have been cut and sandpapered once. I bought some finer sandpaper for the last treatment, but I still would want to get some wax for the needles. I guess waxing isn't necessary, but my fellow knitter says it's a good lubricant and gives a nice finish.

Oh, the knife in the pictures is there just to annoy americans... I believe that they have a weird phobia of sharp objects. My parents got me my first knife when I was about ten years old so I wouldn't have to borrow my sisters' knives. How ever is a child going to learn how to carve wood and not her fingers if not by practise..?

Askartelipaskartelin puisia sukkapuikkoja. Yläkuvassa on amerikkalaisten kiusaksi puukko (niillä on outo terävien esineiden fobia) ja teroitettu puikko. Teroittamiseen käytin puukon lisäksi tavallista kynänteroitinta. Alakuvan puikot on jo kertaalleen hiottu. Kuvan oton jälkeen hioin ne vielä hienommalla hiekkapaperilla sileiksi. Sain vinkin puikkojen jälkikäsittelystä, mutta en ole vielä päässyt rautakauppaan hankkimaan liukuvoidetta.

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