Thursday, May 15, 2008


I has the green thumb! See! And this is my Aloe Vera plant. The small, dying one is also some kind of an Aloe. For all this dying thing I blame my roommies, who didn't water the plants while I was in Germany. Oh well, I guess that's natural selection.

And how I got my green thumb? By dyeing. I had yarn and found some egg color and a rubber glove with a hole in it. I used turquoise and then black for the sock yarn and then dipped some gray Kamena wool into the remaining turquoise solution.

During coloring the Kamena I was a bit distracted, a cute French guy dropped in and was admiring how some people can make clothes from scratch (or sheep). I popped the hot Kamena into cold water and it felted a bit. I hope it's still usable though. Damn all cute guys...

The sock yarn turned out just like I wanted it: almost black with just a little color in it. Very Punk. The yarn was WolleRödel's 4-ply natural white sock yarn. Just like Regia, only cheaper.

And what was I supposed to be doing? Knitting my weapons for Sock Wars III and writing the damned thesis (Master's, nothing more, for heavens sake!). Oh yeah, a friend is right. PhD-comics isn't any fun when it's true... All these years in the University have made me a super good procrastinator.

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